The World In 2020

Every year, The Economist magazine (a Rothschild owned publication) puts out it’s yearly conception of how the next year will pan out. The covers have been riddled with symbols and hidden messages of what’s to come, however it’s probably a little less well-known that these covers draw direct reference from the agenda list of the prior Bilderberg Group meeting.

Taking a brief look at The World in 2019 cover and how it relates to the Bilderberg agenda list then: the elephant is free trade, Putin is Russia, Trump is US World Leadership, Populism in Europe is Brexit (CFR has a whole article on it), the QR code on the cellphone is the future of work, MeToo is current events, the VR/night-vision goggles is the “post truth world,” etc.

The World in 2020 is set up like a vision test in the form of an eye chart (hence all seeing eye), do you have 20/20 vision to see what the plan is? Words are simply placed such as Trump, Brexit, AI, Tokyo, Mars, Climate, Recession, Bond, Beethoven, Vision, Biodiversity, Raphael, Nightingale, Russia, etc. This isn’t all of them but you get the picture.

If we look at the most recent Bilderberg agenda list from 2019 it was: A Stable Strategic Order, What Next For Europe?, Climate Change, China, Russia, The Future of Capitalism, Brexit, Ethics of AI, Weaponization of Social Media, Importance of Space, and Cyber Threats.

How do these match up?

Brexit, Russia, AI, and Climate Change all reference each other directly word for word from agenda list to Economist cover. The importance of space is Mars. Weaponization of Social Media is Instagram censorship (this is mentioned in an interview with Daniel Franklin, editor of The Economist). Future of Capitalism is Recession. Biodiversity is China.

Ones I am less sure of (but could possibly make sense) would be Cyber Threats being Nightingale, since Project Nightingale was exposed as taking medical information from millions without consent. A Stable Strategic Order being Trump, if Trump is somehow really a threat to the NWO’s stability, this I doubt but I’ve seen mentioned.

How do you interpret this or what do you think I’ve missed? Is it too much of a coincidence that both of these lists always match up (for the most part) year after year? Here’s the link to my Youtube video on it:


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