PizzaGate – The Brunel & Giustra Accusations

I have shied away from conspiracy articles lately as the Faith is more important, but I came across more information regarding PizzaGate which I felt compelled to address.

If you’re not aware of what PizzaGate is, it’s what started the whole slogan “fake news” as politicians and the mainstream media attempted to dispel the shocking information that there were code words in Hilary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails that dealt with child sex trafficking. It has become a worldwide citizen investigation to expose the monstrous acts of those who have chosen to follow the serpent (2 Corinthians 11:3). Becoming somewhat popularized now in the Netflix series about Jeffrey Epstein, it continues to grow and become a more tangled web daily. The next page in PizzaGate continues…

It started with an image of a woman named Rachel Chandler with Bill Clinton. external-content.duckduckgo.com2Snopes states in regards to the photo, “The above-displayed picture has been online since 2006. It was originally shared with a caption saying it showed Clinton with a 19-year-old college student aboard billionaire venture capitalist Ron Burkle’s private plane. It wasn’t until several years later that the “PizzaGate” conspiracy community picked up this picture and started claiming that it showed a woman with Clinton aboard Epstein’s plane (popularly dubbed the “Lolita Express”). The fact that this photograph was circulating for more than a decade before it became attached to claims relating to Epstein should immediately raise red flags. This photograph shows Clinton with a young woman aboard a plane more likely owned by either Burkle or Giustra.”

Many QAnon claim that Rachel was 15 years old in the photo, and that she is involved with procuring young women for the trafficking rings. I am reluctant to associate with any type of QAnon, the age claim I have not seen proven (please message me if you have evidence to the contrary). I’m more focused on.. who is Giustra?


Frank Giustra is a billionaire Canadian businessman who alongside former president Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership in 2007, which in 2020 transitioned into a new independent entity named Acceso. Bill Clinton has borrowed his jet more than 25 times according to The Washington Post.

Giustra is mentioned in the Podesta emails 57 times (mostly in relation to obvious damage control that the Clintons were forced into by the Uranium One scandal) and John Podesta’s group represented Mr. Giustra’s company. But the most damning evidence of all is The Radcliffe Foundation and it’s use of a known pedophile symbol.

On November 22, 2007, Wikileaks released an unclassified FBI document that outlines symbols that are known to be used by pedophiles to indicate their sexual preference for children. This document has been widely circulated, and many news outlets ran with stories warning parents to look out for these symbols. Frank Giustra’s Radcliffe Foundation openly used the symbol for “Boy Love” in promotional pictures on their website advertising the The Elpída Home for Refugees, and it was the logo also used on their Facebook page. This logo is possibly the most incriminating aspect of Giustra’s affiliation with Pizzagate, a logo in which they have since removed. 

The Radcliffe Foundation was founded in 2016 by Amed Khan, a long-time Clinton aide and was finalized by Frank Giustra. The foundation “assists” at-risk children and is also involved in many other child-related initiatives, such as his trip to Haiti with Bill Clinton to help low-income children. Many (such as ex CIA spy Robert Steele) claim this is what those wealthy pedophiles do to make it easier to traffic children, by having these undocumented children sent to them.

Giustra is heavily involved in the entertainment industry, being the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment which has produced several disturbing movies, one especially that is conveniently titled “Lolita” in which a man marries a woman in order to seduce the 14-year-old daughter. Giustra is also head of the “Boys Club Network” which works with 12 BC School districts currently that’s goal is to “engage and mentor thousands of boys.” He had a previous company named “222 Pizza Express,” knowing what the term Pizza is for has lead to heavy speculation but I’ll leave you to research this part for yourself.

But back to Rachel Chandler, who was photographed with Bill Clinton on what may have been Giustra’s or Epstein’s plane. In 2017, she promoted models for a modeling agency titled “MC2” which has been tied to Jeffrey Epstein himself, who trafficked young models from this agency.

Unsealed New York federal documents state the owner of MC2 trafficked three 12 year old girls to Jeffrey Epstein and that these girls were taken from within the MC2 agency. The owner being Jean Luc Brunel who has been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell and on Epstein Island multiple times.

Brunel in addition to supplying underage girls to Epstein, is accused of drugging and raping several models himself, according to court documents and interviews with some of his alleged victims. He even allegedly provided girls for an orgy for Britain’s Prince Andrew, court documents have claimed. The royal has denied any wrongdoing.

Well-known Epstein and Maxwell accuser Virginia Giuffre said she was groomed by Jeffrey Epstein. Jean Luc Brunel was listed as a person she was forced to have sex with while on Epstein Island, along with other girls being forced with Brunel as well. “Jeffrey bragged they were 12-year-olds and flown over from France because they’re really poor over there and their parents needed the money,’’ she said in the 2015 affidavit.

Jean Luc Brunel was documented 20 times on Epstein’s plane “Lolita Express” between 1998-2005. Even more concerning, Brunel disappeared after Epstein “committed suicide” and has not been seen since. He has denied any wrongdoing, as has Maxwell, and Brunel’s lawyer has insisted his client is not in hiding. Many are still left to speculate, where is Brunel? And why is he wearing an “Israel Army” hat?


(Sources: Breitbart, New York Post, Civilian Intelligence Network, Video – Mouthy Buddha, Snopes). The following video is taken from Mouthy Buddha which has been deleted on his channel and is routinely getting deleted across YouTube.

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