The World In 2021, A Universal Basic Income?

Every year I attempt to decode The Economist cover that is usually littered with symbology that can be paralleled with what the Bilderberg Agenda list is. This was the case for The World In 2020, but since Bilderberg has been postponed in 2020 this makes the 2021 cover a little more difficult. Unlike the Time Magazine cover which has a literal New World Order being built before our eyes. I will have a full length video posted on this on my YouTube as well. It’s worthy to note The Economist is a Rothschild owned publication.

The Economist 2021 Cover

The first thing noticeable in this issue is the slot machine, with the world on the lever. The appearance that 2021 is unpredictable with them not knowing what is going to happen is the goal, as they like to invert motifs, symbology, meanings, etc. There is certainly an agenda at play no matter the show they put on, but exactly how this agenda will be put into play is the question.

At the very bottom we have the rays of light emanating, symbolic of the false light whom of which the enemy often appears as (hence my website name). There is then a coin slot with the words “insert stimulus funds,” this is a direct reference to the plan of a universal basic income. If this already seems outlandish to you, I simply implore you to search the concept and find countless articles from PBS showing it already being implemented in several cities, to Bloomberg saying “the time has come in a post-COVID world” for a universal basic income (UBI). The World Economic Forum, whom is one of the catalysts of this Great Reset, is a major player in the advancement of UBI which you can read here.

I start and emphasize with this because we are seeing the foundations of socialism, of which could be communism (which is technically a form of socialism). How many Americans will willingly submit to this slavery? Or will even know this is slavery? By assuming a universal basic income, the population of the country becomes completely dependent on the government for housing, food, medical care, etc. This is renouncing total control to your government that has a pretty stingy track record of sketchy behavior and lying. In the symbology, the UBI is needed to even make it possible to pull the lever on the slot machine, which is why I think it will be the most pressing issue for America in 2021.

Aaron Russo & Nick Rockefeller

Aaron Russo was a film producer, businessman, and political activist who did an interview in 2007 (the same year he would die) to which he states he became friends with Nick Rockefeller, part of one of the wealthiest families on earth and allegedly part of the New World Order. Russo describes Nick trying to recruit him and Nick speaking of an ultimate goal of controlling everyone by means of a cashless society in which everyone is micro-chipped. Everyone is solely reliant on the government in these chips, which they can turn off at any time if you oppose them.

1984 and A Brave New World are also glimpses in what could lie in wait for us in 2021 if we allow this to continue. We already have chips in our debit/credit cards, which we use with each of our hands, obviously there is not solely literal interpretations of Revelation’s mark of the beast but the point being we are heading to a point of no return. If this still seems outlandish to you, read the 10 points of the communist manifesto and see how much of America has already achieved in it. What also may be of interest is The Economist’s own website about 2021 they have an article on China’s microchip-making abilities.

Russo outlines that the women’s rights movement was nothing more than a ploy to be able to 1) tax the whole population and 2) get the children raised entirely by the state now. He asserts Nick Rockefeller told him this directly, the same family who has funded vile eugenics (search The Washington Herald article written in 1915). His most famous work is “Freedom To Fascism” calling for an end to the Federal Reserve banking system, detailing that a central bank is one of the key planks of the communist manifesto along with a graduated income tax.

To continue with the symbology of the cover, you’ll notice there is an order to each of the four columns starting from the bottom with the stopping point in the middle of each but only directing landing on Joe Biden. It would seem Joe Biden is the key piece to implement the plans. From the first column starting from the bottom we see “? – mask – vaccine – virus.” You’ll find the bottom portion is always the source of the next above, so the first column means we don’t know who or what started the virus but that we now have people wearing masks from it. Just like the 3rd column has China and then a wind turbine showing their switch to renewable energy. The 4th column showing the virus and then a video symbol, showing the virus transitioning everyone to online and digital.

1st Column – Mystery as to what started virus, people now wearing masks, upcoming vaccinations, virus still remains. This last virus in the chain is crucial, it seems to imply either 1) the vaccination will cause more sickness or 2) the vaccination will not work and the virus will be around for much longer than many think. The vaccination may not even be for the purpose advertised.
2nd Column – Tiktok followed by a split of America, The Economist has an article regarding Tiktok and the split of America. The tear of the flag is most interesting as it is in the symbol of a lightning bolt which seems to imply Satan who fell like lightning from heaven. The evil one is trying to divide and tear apart America.
3rd Column – China is transitioning to renewable energy such as wind energy, this is a race economically against China to which the outcome is “unknown.” There are many articles pinpointing tension with China for which just reminds me of “there will be wars and rumors of wars.”
4th Column – The virus has caused everyone to go online through video, followed by a tree burning and a chart. This of which I’m not sure, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

In conclusion, the universal basic income is needed to even pull the lever on the slot machine, which means everything within the screen could be a distraction to take away from this fact. The World Economic Forum has stated, “A new social contract needs to emerge from this crisis that rebalances deep inequalities that are prevalent across societies. To put it bluntly: The question should no longer be whether resources for effective social protection can be found – but how they can be found. UBI promises to be a useful element of such a framework.” The coronavirus pandemic has provided their opportunity to enact socialism on the American people calling it a Great Reset, how many will follow? Is there a dark era on the horizon for America similar to communism in Russia?


  1. The only thing that is certain is yhat we are headed towards darker times, it is abundantly clear that the rule of law and justice only applies to those who oppose the agenda of evil. Soon evil will no longer send veiled messages for whom will be left to stand in their way? It is the cycle of bondage to freedom and back to bondage. I only ask that Christ return soon and return to His Bride, Hope to see you all in the Kingdom and on to eternity.

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  2. Very informative and a great read. Your research is spot on. We have reached the point of no return in alot of ways. Keep bringing the truth. Be a wolf not a sheep.

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  3. I’m thinking the burning tree must allude to the “climate crisis”. And I can only think of the stock market in relation to the chart since it has seen record breaking highs one after another despite the economic crisis affecting many.

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